a framework for generating dynamic webcontent with C++

The UNO-Servlets package is an extension to http-servers (such as apache or jakarta-tomcat), which allows to generate dynamic webcontent with C++ by using an API very similar to the Java servlet API. UNO-Servlets support (and emulate if necessary) http-session. UNO-Servlets is published under the LGPL license.

Each servlet is implement as a UNO component. UNO is the component model of (see This package just needs the small LGPL'ed Office Development Kit (see requirements) .

The interface technology allows an UNO-Servlet to be used in apache or jakarta-tomcat without any codechanges.

State of this package

The first public release of UNO-servlets is soon to come. It is alpha software, meaning that it was never used in a production environment and therefor it is not suggested to do so (but you can do after carefully checking if it meets your requirements).